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Radio automation software, OPS is the only Indian radio automation software with all the features including traffic scheduling, music scheduling.
OPSlite9 is amazing player which plays the content downloaded from the server as per the schedule provided, and make sure that every top of the our it downloading the updated contnet from the server.
OPS TFC9 is again another amazing product by Oppusmedia, this software can manage commercial scheduling for single and more than 1 playlists. So if you are having multiple playout and using single server for playlist, this can be intergrated wth the same server and can also manage multiple playlist for commercial schdeuling as well.
OPS Automation9 Player is the heart of the software as well as the station. becuse this is the only tool which will manage the msuic on its own if you allow it by putting it on automation mode, whcih means it will manage the station log so accurate you dont have to worry about the commercials if they are on time or not, becuase this tool will do that for you.
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