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Wondering how to start an internet radio station? Easy9player is a powerful internet radio platform that boasts an intelligent automation system, DJ management, and seamless transitions between live audio streaming and scheduled content, helping you to stay on-air whether youre a one-man-show or a larger media outlet. Starting, managing and promoting your radio station has never been easier.

Focus on what you do best, and let Easy9player do all the heavy lifting.
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Easystream is an another achievemnt of Oppusmedia which can be used for any live channel (linear channel) straming to icecast server.

By introducing its best feature you can also stream mulitple playlist by running in multiple instence mode using single audio channle.
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EasyLog is such a easy software to keep audio log from live stream or direct audio input channel.

You can save file in any lentgh by mentioning in the file duration text box.

You can also save file by giving yourrr own name.
Easypro is the best in radio automation and why is that, there is the reason:- easypro is developed by the team who worked in radio fm station for 12 years and being a radio professional, the team knows what a radio station needs as radio playout software.

Oppusmedia has many products like complete solution for instore radio to generate multiple playlist using sinlge system Studio9Enterprise version.
Best Radio Automation Software for Comercial, Community and Instore Radio